Lexington Computer Recycling LLC is an

IT asset disposition & commercial electronics recycling company in the United States of America.

Commercial Recycling

Our primary focus is to service all businesses, small and large when it comes to removing old and out-dated electronic equipment.

We Come To You

We are a fully qualified company that specializes in coming to our clients to collect items to be recycled. 


Recycling the right way.

What is the "right way to recycle?" The answer is by having a professional company handle it for you. One of the most effective ways to make sure that your businesses retired assets are securely destroyed is by shredding. The images to the left are examples of different stages of the shredding process. You will also note a few videos showcasing the process.

We focus on and serve all commercial businesses, small and large. We are not limited to Lexington, KY as we service clients in surrounding areas, states and even across the country.